Let no one look down

Hi, We are (From left to right)  Carl Pollard, Adam Warnes, Dale Pollard and Matthew Hite

We are teenagers from Denver Colorado. We have created this Christian based blog to help us and others grow in our walk towards Heaven.

Every weekend we will try post a new article from one of us, or one of our very special quest writers. We will invite a guest writer every few weeks.

We are very exited about this, and we hope you are to. Please join us very Saturday as we strive to be better Christians and as we strive to let no one look down on our youthfulness! (1 Timothy 4:12)

9 thoughts on “About

  1. I know we all are very excited for this blog! We’ve put a lot of effort and planning into this, and we hope it will be beneficial to many people!! Hope you all enjoy!
    -Matthew Hite

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